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4 Ways to Work on That Summer Body!

Every start of the year, people would come up with diet goals and sign up for fitness classes, but why wait when you can start today? Other than having that toned physique, you may also have travel goals in mind. Maybe you want to show off your newly bought swimsuit and take Instagramable photos at popular tourist destinations like our hotel in Boracay, Station 3 – Astoria Current. You want to be your fittest self in preparation. Read on to know four of the many ways to work on that summer body!

1. Mind your diet.

Have you heard of the 80/20 diet? It states that to lose weight, 80% should be about eating properly and 20% should be about doing the right exercises. Some say it is 70/30, but regardless of the ratio, having a healthy diet is said to be more important. The general rule is to eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains, and avoid food with too much salt, sugar, and fat. It is okay to eat your favorite dessert, snacks, and processed food once in a while. Who doesn’t like instant pancit canton, right? Food is meant to be enjoyed too, so just think of finding the right balance. When you visit Astoria Current, our resort in Boracay, Station 3, you would be able to choose your meals accordingly because of the wide selection of food we offer.

There are also instances wherein our sister company and the biggest vacation club in the Philippines, Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), offers free buffet in exchange for 90 minutes of your time. Make sure to say yes, and to also find out what the members are saying by reading the club Astoria reviews!

2. Focus on yourself.

All bodies are bikini bodies no matter what size they are! It is essential to build your body image and self-esteem along the process. When you have a healthy mindset towards your body image, you will feel more comfortable and ultimately be able to take better care of it. Your motivation for exercising should not be based on people’s judgment because this implies that your body’s worth is up to society’s standards. It is detrimental to your mental and physical health to shape your body according to others’ expectations. Everyone’s genes are different and unique, and so is our body! Focus on how you feel about yourself and how you enjoy doing exercise activities.

3. Make time to exercise.

Most of us struggle with working out and sometimes, we even make up excuses to avoid it. The best way to fix this is to schedule workouts like you schedule meetings. You could set up an alarm on your phone so you will be reminded. Think of it like a hobby that you enjoy doing. Before jumping into doing exercises that you see online and realizing that they are too much for your body to take, you need to assess your fitness level and goals. If you are just beginning to exercise, start cautiously and progress slowly. To avoid burnout, doing even just 15 minutes of exercise is a good start, as long as you are consistently doing it every day or multiple times a week. Working out can be synonymous with having fun, too. When you visit our beachfront hotel in Boracay, make sure to stop by our gym with your fitness buddy. Astoria Current also has a lap pool where you can do your lapses!

4. Schedule a recovery treatment.

Some people might start to work out too long or too intensely and give up when their muscles and joints become sore or injured. It is important to plan time between sessions for your body to rest and recover. Lack of sleep will affect your workout performance and will result to fatigue. Aim to get eight hours of quality sleep. It is also beneficial to get a massage. A daily strenuous workout can lead to tense muscles and stiff back, and a massage can help alleviate the pain. Here at Astoria Current, we have a selection of massage treatments: Shiatsu, Swedish, body scrub, and foot massage.

Aside from numerous physical benefits, following a proper diet and working out also benefit our psychological health, too. You would eventually see improvements in your body, mood, and endurance as you continue working on your summer body!

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