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7 Reasons Why Astoria Current Should Be Your Squad’s Summer Destination!

The holidays are officially over, and now it’s about time to start counting down to summer! We all know how excited you are just thinking about all the fun activities that you and your friends can do.

Now, you and your gang must have a lot of ideas about the fun adventures you can have during your most awaited and well-deserved break, and we can help you with that! Here are just some of the many interesting activities that you and your friends can enjoy at our hotel in Boracay Station 3, Astoria Current!

1. Achieve your #fitspirationgoals at our Fitness Center

Looking for the perfect place to do some last-minute workouts before you head over to Boracay’s breathtaking beach? Astoria Current’s Fitness Center has got you covered! With all our advanced equipment, you and your friends can surely start your day right by pumping a few muscles here and there! We assure you that group workouts are even more fun!

2. Feast on our breakfast buffet at Parasol Restaurant

After your tiring but fulfilling workout at our Fitness Center, you and your squad are more than welcome to reward yourselves with a filling breakfast buffet at Astoria Current’s Parasol Restaurant! With our wide range of offered continental flavors, you can truly eat the most important meal of the day like a king. To make the experience even better, your gang can have the option to either dine indoors at our elegantly designed space or enjoy the cool breeze while eating near our beachfront! Whichever you choose, we assure you that our staff would be there to happily accommodate and assist all of you.

3. Take all the Instagram-worthy shots at our swimming pools

We know that a vacation is never complete without a dip in the pool. You and your friends are welcome to strike a pose and have a swim in our main swimming pool and our saltwater pool! Remember to bring out your phones so that you could take as many Instagram-worthy pictures as possible. Feel free to use the hashtag #FollowTheCurrent and tag us at @astoriacurrent, and you might have a chance to be featured in our social media channels!

4. Go on a gastronomic adventure at Citrine Lounge

If you thought that your food escapade here at Astoria Current already ended after your buffet breakfast, then you got it wrong! When you and your friends dine in at Citrine Lounge for lunch, you can still feast to your hearts’ content with our a la carte meals and refreshing drinks! You can cap it all off with a cone of your favorite ice cream, which you can twirl on your own at our ice cream stall!

5. Bond and have quality time on our beachfront

Your trip to Boracay will never be complete without you experiencing its famous white-sand beach and crystal-clear waters. So, gather your friends because it is about time to put on your favorite bikinis and swimming trunks! Do not forget to bring out those beach balls and shades too, so all of you can have endless fun by our seashore.

6. Catch up on endless chitchat with the sunset view at Stratos Bar

We know just how glorious and breathtaking the sunsets get here at Boracay, so we really suggest that you and your friends head over to Stratos Bar to see it! Feel free to catch up on all the chitchat you missed over a few glasses of our finest concoctions. Even if the day is already coming to an end, we are sure that our live music will still keep the good vibes soaring high!

7. Cap off the day with a relaxing trip at our Wellness Spa

After a fun-filled day of adventure, we know just how much you and your friends need to rejuvenate your mind and body. Our Wellness Spa is the perfect spot in Astoria Current where you can call it a day. Pamper yourselves with a well-deserved massage and finish it off with a relaxing trip to our sauna. We promise you that as soon as you return to your suites, you will immediately doze off and slip into deep slumber!

These are just some of the many, many island adventures that you and your friends can try and experience here at Astoria Current. There are still a lot of exciting activities that lie within the beautiful islands of Boracay, still a whole lot more memories to create and to treasure – and they are just waiting for you to arrive!

We’re excited to see you this summer!

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