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The Essential Guide to Planning a Beautiful Destination Wedding in Boracay

How would you describe your dream wedding? Whether it be in your favorite beachfront hotel in Boracay, in an old church, or in a huge garden, this special occasion is definitely beautiful no matter where it takes place. So, if you and your partner are already in the middle of planning your nuptial ceremony, may this essential guide help you set everything in place!

Set a budget and stick to it!

One of the most important things to learn while planning a wedding is how to make the most of your budget. But first, you and your partner will need to decide how much money you are willing to shell out for your big day. You can strategize on how to save more funds if the money at hand is short or you can adjust your spending according to what you currently have. At the end of the day, what is important is that you agree on a budget and stick to it no matter what.

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Finalize the guest list.

Will it be an intimate ceremony with 50 of your closest family and friends? Or a big bash with 300 attendees? Whichever number of guests you choose, make sure to consider if it fits your budget! Do not send out the invitations without doing the math first!

Set a date.

While there are women who dream of becoming June brides, some would rather stick to a date more significant. Perhaps an anniversary, your partner’s birthday, or the day when you first met? But we need to remind you that when choosing the big day, make sure to consider the season, too. You would not want a monsoon raining down on your parade, would you?

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Apply for a marriage license.

This is a biggie! You will not be allowed to get married without a marriage license, so have all the requirements ready. They are the following: birth certificates from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), notarized affidavit of parental consent or advice for applicants below 25 years of age, certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR), valid IDs, CEDULA, marriage license application form (form 90), and barangay clearance.

Be precise in choosing your wedding coordinators.

Teamwork – this is what you and your coordinators should always have. Give them a clear direction of how you would want the wedding to go. You can come up with a mood board to give them a better understanding of the concepts you like. That way, it will be easier for the team to make your dream come to life.

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Look for the perfect venue.

Did you know that Astoria Current, our hotel in Boracay, Station 3, has different spaces that can accommodate your dream destination wedding? We have the 734-square meter Annex Building D Function Room, which can house up to 100 guests. It is spacious, modern, and equipped with a huge LED screen perfect for showcasing you and bae’s best captured moments.

Want something out of the ordinary? Why not tie the knot at Stratos Bar with Boracay’s gorgeous skyline as your view? We can spruce up this open area to accommodate up to 100 guests, too.

Photo by Ashley Paranga

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We hope this list helps! If you are more than excited to start planning your big day here in our resort in Boracay, Station 3, then make sure to contact our team via email at or mobile at (+63) 949-993-0401 so we can send you the complete info.

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