Hotel in Boracay


You might have read a few AVLCI reviews and now you are quite interested in availing yourself of that timeshare membership, hop on a plane for a splendid vacation, and finally let your hair down. Come to think of it… this decision might be the best investment you have ever made for yourself!

As you look through your plane window, you will not be able to resist thinking of your destination, Boracay – a party animal’s paradise with a plethora of beach pubs and bars that keep the party going until the crack of dawn. You don’t look back on your life and remember the days that you slept in. Don’t get us wrong, getting a full night’s sleep is good, but Astoria Current’s mission is to transform your regular nights into legendary ones!

So here is a short list of activities that you can do in Astoria Current – the unrivaled beachfront hotel in Boracay, Station 3:  

Take a Phenomenal Photo.

Looking back, there are a lot of Club Astoria Reviews where tourists share some of their most extravagant moments here at Astoria Current. This is also a must! while the sun is setting in a lightly burnt orange sky, you might want to capture a drop-dead gorgeous photo. Romance? You will fall in love with this scenery every day. Everyone deserves to live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and make the memory last forever, so shoot your shot!

Enjoy Your Super Supper!

You will hear a lot of good things about Astoria Current… From the quality service, housekeeping, and friendly staff on board, to the delicious food and delightful desserts that are on offer. But one thing is for sure, you will not hear rumbling empty stomachs! This amazing hotel in Boracay comes with the top-rated Parasol Restaurant that will satisfy your cravings. Dinner is one of life’s greatest pleasures – no one should be deprived of that. In a variety of ways, food connects people together, so let us get you connected!

Re-ignite Your Fire.

In Astoria Current, we believe that the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. Burnt out? We can fix that! All you must do is sit back, relax, and enjoy our fire dancers’ jaw-dropping performance. They will be there with you in a jiffy! Make sure you have a friend with you to take videos and photos of you, as they dance and loop the fire circles around you and get that special spark going! The biggest Astoria scam there is to believe is that you will have a “good” time, the truth is that we only give you the “best” time there is!

Swim In the Iconic Astoria Current Pools.

The heat is a bit much today and all you want is to freshen up, go outside, and take a swim in the sea. But it is already dark, and you just cannot wait until morning. At this point, you wish there was something like a soothing pool in the area, something that can refresh you during a night’s swim. Luckily, Astoria Current is a hotel in Boracay that has not one, but two beautiful pools! Enjoy swimming lazily at night in the Main Pool and the Annex Pool!

Status: Enjoying Stratos!

Finally! Your vacation vibe is undeniably on, getting some fine-blended cocktails in Stratos is just the thing to make your night merrier. Eating a pineapple a day keeps the troubles away, but it is divine when blended with ice and spiced up with coconut and rum. Ask our bartender to try our signature drinks… we promise you will have a brilliant happy hour!

That’s a wrap! Here at Astoria Current, the party never stops, and the nights never get old! Book a room now at this vibrant and classy resort and send us an email at or call us at (+63) 998-968-1265 to live the dream. Our comfortable and lovely suites on this island will make your vacation one to treasure.

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