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Top Places to Watch the Magnificent Sunset of Boracay!

Proof that each day can end beautifully is the sunset! Almost all of us love the sunset… who doesn’t? It can simply soothe the mind and soul with its perfect orange hues spanning across the blue sky. For all sunset lovers, we know most of you would agree that the best place to watch the magnificent sundown is in Boracay!

Believe us when we say that your island escape would be incomplete without witnessing the sun as it gorgeously sinks to the glittering beach of Boracay. So now, get your pen and paper because we are going to give you the top places in Boracay that will help you find a perfect spot to watch the sun as it sets.

Photo by Wabi Jayme

White Beach. One of the most famous beaches on Boracay island, this shore will take your adventure to a magical level! Set yourself on the white sand and watch the beautiful sundown with boats on the horizon, adding a dramatic effect. Make sure to capture this Instagram-worthy moment with your cameras or smartphones!

Mount Luho. A little adventurous? Go on a hike at the highest peak in Boracay – Mount Luho! This might require a long walk and endurance, but once you reach the top, an astonishing panoramic view of the beach will surprise you. Add this to your list!

Photo by Gian Paul Ginto

Willy’s Rock. Be allured with the beauty of the most photographed spot in Boracay, Willy’s Rock! This rock formation and castle-like structure will surely bring your photos to the next level. An amazing silhouette shot would be best for this scene, so save some pegs before your trip!

Diniwid Beach. If your activity includes beach hopping, you should add Diniwid Beach to your itinerary! Its crystal-clear water, white sand, and calming waves are great additions to watching the lovely sunset of Boracay with your loved ones.

Stratos Bar at Astoria Current. Too busy and just want to stay at your booked resort in Boracay? If you are looking for a beachfront hotel in Boracay with a magnificent location to watch the sundown, look no further than the award-winning resort in Station 3, Boracay, Astoria Current! They have a sweet spot called Stratos Bar perfect for sunset viewing. Order some cocktails, too, to relax while appreciating the astounding scenery of the island!

Well, there you have it! Jot down these places and add them to your notes. Be prepared for a marvelous Boracay escape ahead! Your getaway will be one for the books if you have your staycation at the sought-after resort in Boracay, Astoria Current!

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