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Going on a Solo Trip to Boracay? This Self-Care Travel Guide is for You!

Summer is here! Have you been thinking of going on a solo trip to a beautiful beach destination like Boracay? Well, if you do, this is the perfect sign for you! Traveling alone can be an exciting yet challenging thing to do. It might be scary for some, but for other backpackers, it is an awesome adventure, and they choose to travel without any company.

Being a solo traveler and opting to go to a beach like Boracay will give you a moment to de-stress with the various picturesque beaches and other natural wonders. This can also be a good time to improve and better yourself in every way. So, before you gear up those beach essentials, check this article first, as this will help you relish your solo escape to Boracay!

Book a lavish hotel or resort with complete amenities.

Of course, you look forward to a hassle-free vacation in Boracay, right? The first thing you need to do is look for the best beachfront hotel in Boracay that offers a comfortable and cozy room for your stay, a view of Boracay’s magnificent white beach, and is complete with amenities – a swimming pool, spa, gym, and more. Well, you can find all this at the award-winning resort in Station 3, Boracay, Astoria Current! Make sure to book your reservation ahead so you can secure your beach getaway.

Try some exhilarating activities.

If you are keen on doing something new, go out and revel in fun by trying some extreme and exciting beach activities! We’ve got a perfect guide for you about four (4) exhilarating activities all adrenaline junkies can do in Boracay that you can check out. Be sure to drink some water to stay hydrated!

Treat yourself to a sumptuous meal.

We bet you are tired after those fun and extreme beach activities you have had. So, treat your tummy to a delicious feast you deserve! Luckily, Astoria Current has a dining place called Parasol restaurant that will surely satisfy your gastronomic cravings with a vast array of great dishes to choose from. Our gourmet dishes are Instagram-worthy, too! Just make sure to tag us on your beautiful photos to get featured!

Spend time on your well-being.

They say the greatest love of all is loving yourself, and to love oneself is to care for your health – physically, spiritually, and mentally. Thankfully, Astoria Current, the millennial-favorite resort in Boracay, is ready to give you that care! We have a spa that you must try, to help you relax and reset. Our gym is open, too, for health-conscious people who love to exercise and stay fit while on vacation. What a soothing experience!

Socialize and make new friends.

One of the many good things about doing a solo trip is meeting new people, and Boracay is well-known for having great and hospitable individuals. So, while you are out there and having some me-time, mingle with other tourists and build rapport! Aside from the gift of new pals, lessons and values from each person you encounter are some of the most memorable experiences you will have on your solo vacation. Go ahead and have a few drinks while sharing good laughs!

Sounds fun, right? Pack your bags and go on a thrilling Boracay adventure that you deserve! Your Astoria family is waiting for you to #FollowTheCurrent, so book your vacation now!

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‘Sea’ you soon, solo travelers!

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