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Traveling Alone: 5 Things to Do for Solo Travelers

Since we have certain expectations from one of the world’s best beaches, it is quite essential to plan your most-awaited solo vacation using detailed hotel and resort information. Selecting the perfect resort in Boracay has become de rigueur ever since. But let us be real for a moment, locating your ideal beachfront hotel in Boracay is not that tough. The pressure of finding your probable immaculate sanctum ends as you walk through the doors of Astoria Current!

On the other hand, while you are nestled, relieved, and blown-away at this otherworldly hotel in Boracay, the thought sinks in… You do not actually have a to-do list! But fear not, because we have come up with a list of activities for lone travelers such as you!

1. Take full advantage of Boracay’s alluring ivory beaches. Lather on some sunscreen and get ready to explore beautiful vistas, tropical foliage, and obscure but exquisite coastlines and caverns that will surely leave you speechless!

2. Celebrate life and treat yourself to a lovely meal at Parasol Restaurant. There is no reason why eating alone should be taboo. Reward yourself by choosing the most indulgent dish from our wide menu and savor your dish in much-needed peace

3. Take this time to learn more about yourself. As you are enjoying your swim in our modern lap pool, you can take a breather and realize that you are still surrounded by a comfort bubble even if you are self-reliant most of the time. It is possible that your sentiments, desires, and preferences are not what you thought they were. Make it a point to understand them.

4. Stop by Stratos for some drinks and simply expand your horizons. In every new adventure, you will make new friends. Making new connections is the beginning of new memories.  We can all agree that unexpected relationships are often the best ones, aren’t they? 

5. Go on a social media break and get a massage. If dancing the night away does not excite you, this might be the thing for you! Let our treatments drown out your stress. Get that relaxing treatment you have long been needing!

As you can see, we have everything a solo traveler needs for his/her next personal getaway. Send our team a message at or (+63) 998-968-1265 to book that well-deserved alone time here at Astoria Current.

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