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4 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing an Event Venue

When it comes to preparing for an event, choosing the right venue is crucial as it can make or break the whole occasion. Your decision will play a big role in determining how many guests can be invited and what specific type of program can be implemented, among others.

You need to make sure that your choice not only meets the requirements but can ultimately offer you and your guests the space to create precious memories. So, when shortlisting your options, make sure to ask yourself these questions:

1. How many guests do I need to accommodate?

If you are looking for a venue to hold a grand event, such as a wedding reception, corporate function, or a big birthday bash, then you should choose one that is spacious. If you are planning an alignment or meeting, then you should go with a function room that can offer privacy.

Good thing our hotel in Boracay, Station 3, got you covered. For big events, we have the Annex Building D Function Room which has a capacity of up to 140 pax. For smaller occasions, we have the Sales Deck Function Room which can house up to 100 guests.

2. Is catering included?

Finding a venue is just one half of the equation. You need to think of the dishes and drinks that will be served on the big day. Don’t fret, our friendly chefs can whip up your menu according to your preference. That is because our beachfront hotel in Boracay, Station 3, offers fusion cuisine too with delicious concoctions to boot.

3. What dates are available?

To know if our function rooms are available on your preferred dates, you can easily contact our team via email at or via mobile at (+63) 985-789-8596 so we can assist you closely.

4. What is the vibe of the place?

The great thing about choosing a resort in Boracay is you can mix work with play. After your social event, you can enjoy the island’s nightlife. After your back-to-back meetings, you can have a nightcap at Stratos or have an R&R session at our spa. The choices are limitless!

These are just some of the things you need to ask yourself. If you have any questions, our team would be more than happy to assist you! You can send us a private message via Facebook or Instagram at @astoriacurrent or through this link:

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