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A Quick Dining Tour at Astoria Current

When traveling, you want to find the best tourist spots and restaurants around the area. It is known that Boracay is popular because of its beautiful shorelines, lively nightlife, and wide range of activities, one of which is enjoying a wide selection of restaurants that vary per cuisine. Whether you are looking for a restaurant to just enjoy the food or to celebrate a special occasion, Astoria Current provides a gastronomic surprise. Read more below!

Parasol at Astoria Current is a beachfront hotel in Boracay . It is the go-to place if you want to enjoy the cool breeze and sands of the beach. You may dine al fresco or have your meal in our elegantly designed space indoors! Astoria Current is located at Sitio Mangayad, Brgy. Manoc Manoc, Station 3, Malay, Boracay Island. You will be able to recognize the resort by its big I❤️Current sign!

Parasol is best known for its massive bilaos filled with every Filipino’s fiesta favorites! For dessert lovers, Parasol’s decadent cakes and pastries are a must-try. Other than the fiesta favorites, their a la carte menu has breakfast, morning entrees, salads and appetizers, vegetarian options, pasta, soup, pizza, sandwiches, and desserts.

Aside from Parasol’s wide range of a la carte and buffet options with a diverse selection of seafood, meat, soup, and dessert, they also have themed food selections depending on the occasion. As seen in the picture, the theme for that day was Halloween with spooky food preparations. Fear not, as they are all edible despite the treats that looked like actual fingers!


Citrine is a dining area popular among our guests who want to enjoy their food in a more private setting. Our hearty a la carte meals are prepared by our professional chefs who use high-quality ingredients, global flavors, and diet-inclusive options. All our stylish dining areas have well-curated textures, lighting, seating, and colors of décor to reflect the excitement and fun beach getaway at Boracay!

The Citrine area is the perfect place to grab alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, whiskey, liqueurs, vodka, and many more! Our skilled bartenders offer a wide range of cocktails, mocktails, and premium mixed drinks which they can make right in front of you when you sit in the front bar area. For non-alcoholic drinkers, you may opt to choose soda, fresh fruit juice or shake, hot or iced coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate.


Stratos is a rooftop bar with a panoramic view of the island’s beautiful beach, providing extra ambiance while drinking your favorite beverage! It is a favorite among the guests to watch the sunset, surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner under the stars or even pop the big question “Will you marry me?” like how they do in romantic movies. Just inform our staff ahead of time to arrange a special and private occasion! It shows that Astoria Current is one of the few resorts in Boracay, Station 3, offering complete and top-notch amenities, food, and facilities for events!

After enjoying the warmth of the sunset, you could experience the chilly nights with the strong sea breeze. Other than its must-visit sightseeing area, it is also a great place to have a drink, hang out with your family or friends, or socialize with new people! All our dining areas offer comfort, good music, fun cocktails, and flavorful food.

We hope this excites you to look around and see what Astoria Current offers! Follow Astoria Current on Facebook and Instagram @astoriacurrent to get the latest updates and promos at the resort and at the restaurant. You can also check our Astoria membership, Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club Inc. (AVLCI) reviews online to know how to enjoy Astoria Current as a vacation club member!  

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